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Classes at BBFS are suitable to all fitness levels, with low, medium and high intensity options.

ASB3004 BBFS HI 043

Individual program classes

Each day between 8am and 3pm BBFS has between 4-6 individual program timeslots. This allows our members to attend the studio for 1 hour and complete their own individualised program, under supervision by the Exercise Physiologists. This session is completed in a group setting where all members complete their own, targeted program.

ASB3004 BBFS HI 130

Group Classes

Stretch & Move

A low-intensity, gentle, 30-minute class designed to stretch and lengthen all major muscle groups. The class aims to reduce stiffness, improve range of motion, improve posture and allow the muscles time to relax.


A low-intensity, 50-minute class designed to stretch, ease and strengthen muscles through gentle postures, breathing exercises and meditation.


This fun, moderate-intensity 50-minute dance class is performed to many different styles of music (such as samba, forro, salsa, tango, rock, etc). This class will work the cardiovascular system, boost coordination, attention, balance and memory.


This moderate-intensity 60-minute class requires participants to stand for the duration of the class. Challenge your balance, stamina and learn new skills including boxing stance, body positioning and punching technique.

Mat Pilates

A dynamic 50-minute, high-intensity class designed to target whole-body strength, balance and core stability. This class is best suited to those who can easily manage getting up and down off the floor.

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