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A revolutionary approach to physical exercise and mental wellbeing. ​

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Our specialised programs focus on improving balance, coordination, and overall well-being, helping you live a more fulfilling life.
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Individual Exercise Program

All members are assessed by our qualified Exercise Physiologists to determine an effective and safe exercise program tailored to your ability level and personal goals.
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Exercise Physiology Group Classes

Your membership will give you access to group classes such as yoga, boxing, dance, pilates and more.
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About BBFS

The Brain x Body Fitness Studio takes a revolutionary approach to physical exercise and mental wellbeing. Our mission is to provide members from middle age onward with access to a personalised exercise plan and world-leading equipment and technology, that enables them to reach and maintain optimum brain and body health.

The Brain x Body Fitness Studio is adaptable, with tailored programs targeting all ability levels, chronic conditions, injuries and physical impairments.

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How we can help

A welcoming space with state-of-the-art equipment, the Brain x Body Fitness Studio focuses on movement, flexibility and neuroplasticity from middle age onwards.

We provide individualised exercise programs, so regardless of your health challenges or goals, we tailor a program to suit YOU!

Whether you are living with arthritis, diabetes, cardiovasular disease, respiratory conditions (asthma etc), neurological conditions (Parkinson’s etc), recovering from a brain injury or stroke, pre-hab or rehab from injury or surgery, or just want to optimise your health, our accredited Exercise Physiologists can tailor a program that suits your specific needs.

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Why join BBFS

We are dedicated to ensuring you get the support you need in a safe and understanding way. All members will have an in-depth assessment to determine an individualised exercise program that challenges both the mind and body to best encourage neuroplasticity. Members have unlimited access to complete their exercise program under supervision by an Exercise Physiologist during opening hours. Weekly group classes such as yoga, dance, boxing and pilates are also included within the BBFS membership.

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Become a member

Sign up to become a member and start your brain and body health journey

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Get assessed

Upon joining, you will be assessed with a qualified Exercise Physiologist to understand your capabilities and goals

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Start moving

Enjoy unlimited access to the studio and a broad range of weekly group classes

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